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What is terrorism insurance?

These days, terrorist attacks remain a serious threat – but they’re difficult to predict and the consequences can vary. An attack could cause loss of life, life-changing injuries, or significant damage to your property and livelihood. Or it could interrupt your ability to run your business as usual for a time.

Terrorism insurance covers losses stemming from any act of terrorism, whether it’s domestic or international. It allows you to claim compensation for your losses caused by acts of terrorism, such as property damage, lost revenue, and more – enabling your business to recover to the best of its ability.

What’s included in your policy?

Whether you’re protecting real estate or any kind of commercial property, terrorism risk is an important consideration. Terrorism coverage mostly includes:

  • Physical property damage, such as fire and explosions, including cover for buildings, equipment, furnishings, and more
  • Potential losses of income or rent, for example due to damaged property
  • Business interruption
  • Personal injury
  • Employers liability

Sometimes, a terrorist incident might cause business interruption without any property getting damaged, for example if there’s an attack on the people in a building but not the building itself. With subsequent investigations into the event, a business might still lose revenue in the weeks or months following the terrorist attack despite their buildings remaining intact – so it’s important to check whether your policy includes non-damage terrorism coverage too.

Why choose Aston Lark?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business. At Aston Lark, we understand the unique needs of every size of company, from corporations operating on a global scale to small businesses in busy urban centres, across multiple sectors.

Our longstanding expertise in the insurance sector means we’re perfectly placed to understand the risks you might face from acts of terrorism and to offer comprehensive insurance that suits your business needs.

As one of the top three independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in the country, we work closely with leading insurers to cater for the different demands of our customers. Our in-house claims service can provide reassuringly quick responses if you need to claim, and we also offer personal support and specialist advice from insurance experts – helping to ensure your terrorism cover is right for you.

What is terrorism insurance?

In the UK, terrorism insurance is a specific type of cover that protects your business from losses stemming from an act of terrorism – either here in the UK or internationally. It includes cover for property damage, lost revenue, personal injury, and more, enabling your business to get back on its feet again.

What does terrorism insurance cover?

Terrorism insurance covers a range of risks, including building and contents damage from events such as fire and explosions, potential losses of income or rent, personal injury, business interruption cover, and employers liability. There’s also scope for your policy to include non-damage terrorist attacks, when your business is unharmed in the event itself but suffers a loss of revenue in the aftermath.

Do I need terrorism coverage?

There are several factors to consider when weighing up your need for terrorism insurance. Firstly, where is your business located? Commercial centres in busy cities like shopping malls, and travel hubs such as airports and train stations are generally at higher risk of a terrorist attack. If your business is located in a high-traffic and popular area, then terrorism insurance could be beneficial to you.

There are some industries that may be considered higher risk too, for example the energy sector. Your best option is to talk to us if you’re unsure whether you need a policy, and we will help advise you.

Who is terrorism insurance coverage aiming to protect?

This type of insurance is designed to protect you and your business, including any people who may work for you. It supplies the funds to repair your business or to keep you running during a period of interruption, and it can prove invaluable in case you or one of your employees is injured as a result of the attack.

Can terrorism risk be included in commercial insurance policies?

As a rule, most commercial insurance policies either limit or exclude cover for acts of terrorism, so taking out a terrorism insurance policy is beneficial if your business or property is at a higher risk. Just talk to our team to find out more.

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