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What is it?

VisionTrack is Europe’s leading provider of cloud-based video telematics, vehicle cameras and computer vision.

Video telematics provide a complete picture of how vehicles are being operated by combining driver behaviour with footage of incidents such as road collisions and near misses. This technology also provides real-time vehicle location. Vehicle camera footage can be immediately recalled providing instant and robust liability defence on road traffic claims and incidents.

Why have it?

This telematics solution improves driver engagement and behaviour, encouraging vehicle accident reduction. It also helps to reduce the financial impact of rising insurance costs and bogus claims. By providing the context of what took place, this service makes it easier to determine who was at fault and if there is a recurring driving issue that needs to be addressed.

Finding out too late that a collision has occurred makes it difficult to manage and mitigate third party claim costs, such as vehicle recovery, hire cars and repairs. The quick fleet telematics system simplifies this process.

Safety compliance requirements such as Direct Vision Standard (DVS), Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), CLOCS Standard, and Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR), are growing. This solution is here to ensure your business remains fully compliant.

Cost: Price is determined on application.

“107,000 fraudulent insurance claims worth £1.2 billion [were] uncovered by insurers in 2019.”

Association of British Insurers

Who’s it for?

VisionTrack’s fleet telematics solution is created for motor fleets and vehicle types of any size, including those greater than 7.5 tonnes. Also designed for businesses with defensibility issues, it supports those looking to reduce their road accident frequency.

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