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What is it?

Continuum is an online driver risk management platform where you can quickly and easily manage your entire driving community from a single online platform, ensuring real-time compliance with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) legislation. With 24/7 access to driver and vehicle reporting, this service greatly simplifies driver risk and compliance, helping to improve your fleet management.

Data is integrated from many sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology to deliver unparalleled insights. Live data, visual dashboards, tasks and alerts provide accurate insight into driver compliance, risk and learning activities.

You can combine up to 14 functions on one platform, including:

  • Consultancy
  • Driver & Fleet Audit Solutions
  • Driver Licence Verification
  • Driver Risk Assessments & Profiling
  • Employee Data
  • Fleet Driver Training (E-learning, On-Road, Workshop, Virtual, Driver CPC)
  • Grey Fleet Management
  • In-Vehicle Data (telematics/cameras)
  • Mobile App
  • Permit to Drive

Cost: Costs will vary depending on the functions chosen and the number of drivers and vehicles in the fleet, so price is determined on application.

Why have it?

Continuum is designed to help you meet fleet compliance and learning requirements for your business through a scalable and flexible driver development solution. With various training courses, we aim to improve and support employee awareness of potential work-related road risks.

By using this fleet technology, you can reduce your administrative burdens and fleet running costs, while easily managing business travel expenses. This service has also been designed to give you enhanced sight of driver training and vehicle issues to ensure ongoing driver compliance.

Who’s it for?

This platform is for businesses with fleet sizes of more than 20 vehicles who want to simplify fleet administration and compliance, or take a greater interest in their driver compliance and risk management.

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