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What is it?

Our web-based risk compliance portal provides support on health and safety, human resources, business continuity and occupational road risks. Written in plain English, we cover health and safety and human resource legislation and regulations, without the costs of health and safety consultancy. This gives you a safety net of experts who can provide support and advice within 24 hours of request.

You’ll have access to useful tools and resources including A-Z and sector-specific guidance and information, and ready-to-use health and safety templates. All your health and safety documentation will be easily accessible and stored in one place.

The affordable online portal also includes unlimited access to RoSPA and CPD accredited e-learning and online training modules to National Occupational Standards (NOS). This allows you to track compliance and have an electronic audit trail of training provided to employees.

Cost: £150 + VAT per licence per annum.

Why have it?

Employment legislation and health and safety compliance are more than just red tape. In the current working environment, even minor accidents or disputes can have potentially litigious and costly consequences. Our comprehensive online service gives you the ability to manage staff employment and workplace safety more easily, effectively and profitably.

Who’s it for?

This service is for any single or dual-site business with up to 100 employees, but more suited to those with fewer than 50. It’s also designed for businesses that:

  • Are aware that their insurer has paid employer’s liability claims due to poor health and safety documentation and training records.
  • Do not have a specific HR team or health and safety competent person or resource.
  • Do not have an accessible library of health and safety information.
  • Offer little or no health and safety training to employees.
  • Run a paper-based system.

E-learning Modules:

Accident Reporting
Asbestos Awareness
Confined Spaces
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
Electrical Safety
Equipment Safety
Fire Safety
First Aid
Health & Safety Law
Health & Safety Management
Managing Employee Absence
Manual Handling
Manual Handling for Operatives
Mental Health Awareness
Risk Assessments
Slips, Trips & Falls
Transport Safety
Working at Height
Workplace Stress Management

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