Benchmark Review

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For £750 plus VAT and expenses, this service explores the measures and controls in place against each of the five pillars. We’ll review your current:

  • Health and safety systems, policies and procedures
  • Business resilience risk profile
  • Fire, electrical, gas safety and security arrangements, and building insurance values
  • Information and cyber security
  • Occupational road risk management and claims experience

This health-check will be followed up with a simple yet insightful report that provides:

  • A score – a red, amber or green (RAG) score under each risk management pillar, as well as provision of a total score.
  • Reasons – a summary of the reasons behind the RAG score.
  • Advice – our report will provide guidance and resources on how to address red and amber areas. We’ll make our full suite of services available to you, some of which are chargeable.
  • Impact – a summary of the potential consequences if certain areas are left unaddressed and the benefits if they are addressed.

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