Making a Claim

What to do if you need to make a claim

If you need to make a claim, we're here to help. 

When there is a claim or possible claim, make sure you advise us as soon as possible. Please complete our claim form which will help things move along quicker.

Gather any documents, information, and evidence you may need. You should also notify the police straight away in the event of theft, malicious damage, or any other criminal offence.

If your claim is a liability claim, please send us any statement of claim, legal process, or other communication as soon as you receive it. Do not respond or discuss, negotiate, pay, settle, admit or deny any claim before you have discussed your situation with us first.

If you need to report a claim or obtain advice outside of normal office hours you can contact the schemes loss adjusters, Adjusting Associates LLP on their emergency number 01724 761378.

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

01621 784840

Outside of Office Hours 

01724 761378

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The Claims Process


Let us know

If you need to make a claim, try to notify us as soon as you can. You can call us on 01621 784840 between 9am-5pm on Monday to Friday or on the emergency number 01724 76137 if outside of normal office hours.


Get prepared

You’ll need your insurance policy number and any information and evidence you have about the loss or damage. You should also notify the police straight away in the event of theft, malicious damage, or any other criminal offence.


We’ll respond quickly

We'll get back to you as soon as we can with a view to guiding you through the process.

The Enterprise Act 2016 – The Late Payment of Claims

The Enterprise Act 2016 came into effect on 4 May 2016 and applies to all insurance policies that are incepted or renewed on or after 4 May 2017, where the policy is subject to the law of England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The new legislation will impose a duty on insurers to make prompt payment of claims, and will mean that policyholders will be able to claim damages in the event of breach of that duty.

The premise of the new Act is to ensure that payments of valid claims are made within a ‘reasonable time’, which although not defined takes into account:

  • The time spent to investigate and assess a claim
  • The size and complexity of a claim
  • The type of insurance
  • Any compliance/regulatory/statutory rules, or other causes outside of the insurers control

The Act makes provision within it for an insurer not to be in breach of ‘late payment’, if the insurer can show that there were ‘reasonable grounds’ for any delays.

Once a claim has been settled in full, the insured has a year in which to lodge a claim for additional damages due to late payment of the original claim.

Insurers do have the option to opt-out of the Enterprise Act, but they are required to fulfil set requirements under the Act to ensure that prior to any contract being entered into, the customer is fully aware that they have no recourse from the insurer under the late claims payment legislation.  

However, the ability to opt-out is not available for consumer contracts and commercial contracts which under the Act the insurer has acted in a ‘reckless or deliberately’ way.

If you have any questions, are unsure of any aspect of the new Enterprise Act or need more information about how your claim is handled, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.