A. Normal house insurance generally requires you to reside permanently at the property and is also likely to exclude major works being carried out. Renovation Plan is designed to overcome this and in addition will provide cover for the materials on site and works being added.

A. just about anything including both major and minor renovations, conversions and properties being extended as well as new build projects. We can also cover both residential and commercial properties.

A. The existing structure, the new works being added, the materials on site and if required Contents, Machinery and Tools, and liabilities. We can also provide cover for contract works in isolation.

A. Yes this is fine. But you should also check that any contractor you do use has their own Public Liability of not less than £2,000,000.

A. The policy automatically includes Public Liability of £2,000,000. If you are using contracting firms to carry out all or some of the work you should not need further Employers' Liability although we can offer this as an optional extra. If in any doubt please speak to us.

A. By providing you with options we can offer varying premiums for those clients who feel extra covers are unnecessary and so provide a tailored policy. All-risks cover can be stipulated as required under somcontracts such as JCTs. When this is the case, our most comprehensive cover is required.

A.  Renovation Plan Plus can cover larger projects where higher Buildings and Works limits are needed. It is also appropriate where you have entered into a JCT contract which requires a joint name policy with the contractor or you require 'All Risks' cover. Renovation Plan Plus can also cover projects where there is a basement excavation or major demolition works.

A. we cannot advise on this but there are some online rebuilding cost calculators available

A. We can offer quotes for any length between 3 - 36 months. We recommend adding around 20% to your contract period to estimate the length of the project as an average project will overrun by this amount. We can extend the policy term if required. If you finish the project before your expiry date, we'll offer a pro-rata return premium subject to a cancellation fee.

A. No, the policy will need to be cancelled and a more suitable policy arranged. We would be happy to offer quotations for a Let property or home insurance

A. Aston Lark is an independent insurance broker who arrange and administer the Renovation Plan products on behalf of underwriters at Lloyds of London.

Our Insurance Policies are subject to acceptance criteria, policy terms, conditions, warranties and exclusions.