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If your home is timber-framed, how confident are you that it is insured properly?

Timber framing for properties fell out of favour in Elizabethan England (the timber was needed for the Royal Navy) though it was still in use up to World War I for farmhouses and barns. In the 1960s and 70s, and again more recently, housebuilders have turned to timber-framed homes as they are less expensive and can be built more quickly – often part built in a factory. Around 70% of new-build Scottish homes are timber-framed, whilst in England and Wales it is lower at around 15%-20%1.

It’s often obvious if your home is timber-framed – older homes, barn conversions, timber-clad buildings for example, but it’s not so obvious with modern timber-framed houses. These modern timber-framed properties are often indistinguishable from a traditionally built house, with the frame hidden behind non-structural brickwork. Not all insurers class modern timber-framed properties as standard. This is because repairs following a claim can be more expensive than a brick-built house. It’s therefore very easy for an unwary homeowner to unwittingly tick “yes” to the standard construction question when generating an online quote. Which is fine – until you have a claim.

To avoid this, you need the help of an experienced insurance broker to ensure you have specialist timber-framed house insurance. Before you call us, gather as much information about the home as you can, including its age and details of any past claims.

If your home doesn’t conform to standard specifications, don’t worry, neither to do we.


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