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The impact of adding solar panels to a home insurance policy.

Before you fit solar panels to your home, whether on the roof or in the garden, you should check your home insurance policy to make sure they’re covered.

If you already have solar panels, and they’re automatically covered under the definition of ‘buildings’, you may need to increase the buildings sum insured to take into account the additional value of your solar panels.

If you have a ‘blanket’ or unlimited buildings insurance policy you should still contact your insurer or insurance broker in case the value of your solar panels exceeds the policy limit. Some home insurance policies have inner limits within the buildings sum insured, which may be less than the solar panel value. Other policies may not cover solar panels that are not on your roof.

More recently, some insurers are also extending their cover to include wind turbines, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting systems. They’ll even pay for an upgrade to make your home more eco-friendly following certain types of claims.

Why choose Aston Lark for your solar panel insurance

Our team of advisors will talk to you to understand you and your needs. We’ll then talk to insurers and negotiate a combination of cover and price to suit your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I insure my solar panels for?

You should insure the solar panels and associated equipment for the current cost to replace them as new, not what they would be worth if you sold them.

The cost should include the panels themselves and any associated equipment. This may include:

  • Solar batteries (including Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem which store energy in solar-plus storage systems)
  • Inverters
  • Cabling
  • Solar racking/roof brackets
  • Additional plumbing and equipment (solar hot water systems)
  • Bird protection kits, including bird guards and spikes
What types of solar panel will my insurance cover?

It depends on the insurer, but most will cover photovoltaic panels including:

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Thin film
  • Solar tiles
  • Solar glass

And solar hot water heating panels including:

  • Flat plate
  • Evacuated tubes
Can I claim on my home insurance policy if my solar panel system breaks down?

Most home insurance policies exclude cover for wear and tear and mechanical breakdown. Instead, look for a warranty from the solar panel installer.

What is covered depends on your policy. Most policies will include storm and fire cover but some will exclude weight of snow and freezing to solar panels. These nuances can be difficult to identify and that’s why you need the assistance of a home insurance broker like Aston Lark.

Can I get an online home insurance quote to include my solar panels?

You can, but generally comparison sites compare price, not cover. The cheapest policy might not be the best for you and may not give you the cover you need for your solar panel system.

If you do decide to purchase your home insurance online then ask for a copy of the policy wording, and search for references to solar panels.

Can I insure the value of lost electricity if my solar panels are damaged and I need to make a claim on my solar panel insurance policy?

If your solar panel are damaged you’ll face the consequence of higher electricity or gas bills. Additionally, you may lose a small income from the feed-in tariff for PV systems.

Some solar panel insurance policies will cover your additional costs incurred based on your records for the preceding 12 months.

Can I insure my solar panels if they are not fitted to the buildings?

This depends on your insurer. Some insurers’ definition of ‘buildings’ only covers the value of affixed solar panels and equipment (provided you’ve made an allowance for the increased value).

If you’ve built a solar panel array on your land, you should speak to an insurance broker. Some insurers will add the solar panels to the main buildings figure, others will treat them as an outbuilding. Either way, given the potential value of a stand-alone solar array, it’s best to speak to an expert before they are commissioned.

Will solar panels increase my home insurance premium?

Only slightly and, on some ‘blanket’ policies, not at all. As a percentage of the overall buildings sum insured, the value and proportionate insurance cost of solar panels will be less than 10%.

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