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Your home isn’t standard. Why should your insurance be?

Modern homes are often classified as a non-standard build, sometimes with environmental upgrades including wind turbines, solar panel arrays, ground source heat pumps and ground source air pumps. If your home is non-standard and you’ve not told your insurer, you run the risk of a claim not being paid or even your policy being cancelled.

Direct insurers and online algorithms often make a series of assumptions about a property which you may unwittingly have agreed to by ticking a box or agreeing to terms and conditions. It’s hard to argue with an algorithm, which is why you need to talk to an insurance broker.

We’ll take the time to understand you, your home, perhaps look at some photos with you, make a Zoom call or visit you at home. That way, if you do have to make a claim, the claims process is more likely to run smoothly and efficiently. After all, you need the peace of mind that your insurer will pay for a home and contents of the same high standard after a loss.

A modern home may have one or more of the following features which are not covered by some standard policies:

  • Solar panels –- photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal
  • Ground source heat or air pumps
  • Wind turbines – fixed or unfixed to the home itself
  • Any other type of electrical or heat generation technology
  • Biomass boilers
  • Hot tubs & jacuzzis
  • Swimming pools, including their pumps and heating systems
  • New home technology, including Smarthome devices
  • Garden studios or garden offices 
  • Modern outbuildings over £25,000 in value

Properties like these are not standard:

If your home includes any of the above, you may need specialist modern home insurance. We’ve been insurance brokers since 1948 but our thoroughly modern team know how to insure a thoroughly modern home.

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