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Your home isn’t standard. Why should your home insurance be?

If your property or personal circumstances mean that your home falls under the ‘non-standard’ category, Aston Lark can help. You may have struggled to find cover online, or to make head or tail of the cover being offered. There is a myriad of insurers on the market, each with their own requirements, restrictions, and definitions of what is non-standard.  That’s why you need a broker.

Aston Lark has a team of specialists who are here to help you navigate the home insurance market, who will speak to you in plain English and will work with you to find the right policy at a competitive price.

Aston Lark doesn’t “do” call centres. You’ll have a direct contact to look after you by phone, email, Zoom, Facetime, or however you prefer to communicate. We’ll find you a policy that will meet your needs and will respond in the event of a claim.

If you are unlucky enough to have a claim, we have a specialist claims team to guide you, so that you’re not facing the insurer alone.

If you’re not sure if your home needs non-standard home insurance, please call us for advice.

If your property doesn’t conform to standard specifications, don’t worry. Neither do we.

“Neil always goes the extra mile to get the best insurance at the best price. He is easy to contact and very personable. I insure our 16th century house and our barn conversion holiday let with him and he has given invaluable advice and specialist tips to get the best cover for both properties. None of the usual insurers would cover our house due to its age but for Aston Lark it was no problem.”

Aston Lark private client

Non-standard Homes

A non-standard home is one built from materials that don’t conform to the standard brick or stone walls with a slate or tile roof. Historically, non-standard construction homes are common in areas where the materials made to build them are readily available. It’s also commonplace for modern homes to be non-standard as homebuilders look to build something a little different.

Aston Lark offers straightforward advice and competitive quotes to suit your home and personal circumstances. If your home insurance is non-standard for other reasons, we can also help.

Timer-framed House Insurance

It’s often obvious if your home is timber-framed – older homes, barn conversions, timber-clad buildings for example, but it’s not so obvious with modern timber-framed houses. Not all insurers class modern timber-framed properties as standard. This is because repairs following a claim can be more expensive than a brick-built house. It’s therefore very easy for an unwary homeowner to unwittingly tick “yes” to the standard construction question when generating an online quote.

Find out more about our Timer-framed House insurance.

Thatched Home Insurance

Owning a thatched home brings with it some unique challenges. Our experience in dealing with thatched properties means that we understand the distinct needs, maintenance issues and concerns that thatched owners come across on a daily basis.

Find out more about our Thatched Home insurance.

Modern Home Insurance

Modern homes are often classified as a non-standard build, sometimes with environmental upgrades including wind turbines, solar panel arrays, ground source heat pumps and ground source air pumps.

Find out more about our Modern Home insurance.

Flat Roof Insurance

If your home has a flat roof, it is considered by most insurers to be of non-standard construction. Even small parts of flat roof must be declared to insurers – this includes flat-roofed outbuildings and sometimes even sheds. In fact, most roofs, if not pitched and built of tile or slate, are deemed to be of non-standard construction.

Find out more about our Flat Roof insurance.

Flood Insurance

If your home has flooded in the past or is deemed to be in a flood risk area, you may find it difficult to get buildings and contents insurance.

Find out more about our Flood insurance.

Subsidence Insurance

Obtaining cover for a home that has previously been affected by subsidence, landslip or historic movement can be difficult.

It’s usually a survey which brings this to light and it’s common in older houses with limited or no foundations and 20th century homes built on clay soil.

Find out more about our Subsidence insurance.

Solar Panel Insurance

Before you fit solar panels to your home, whether on the roof or in the garden, you should check your home insurance policy to make sure that they are covered.

Find out more about our Solar Panel insurance.

Eco House Insurance

Eco-homes and Passivehaus or zero-energy building (ZEB) homes are generally considered to be of non-standard construction.

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Hauf Haus Insurance

Hauf Haus homes are generally considered to be of non-standard construction.

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Prefabricated Home Insurance

Modular or prefabricated homes are generally considered to be of non-standard construction.

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Non-standard Personal Circumstance

If you can’t tick the box, relax. We think outside it.

Most insurers will have a set of tick boxes as part of their requirements for placing cover and if you don’t conform to these, they may not offer you a quote. This means having unusual personal circumstances can make it difficult to find insurance. This is where Aston Lark can help.

What our clients say

“My home insurance is tricky using comparison web sites and they remove the hassle and give a great quote.”

Aston Lark client via Feefo

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