Missing Beneficiary & Will Insurance

Resolving inheritance issues when a beneficiary remains unfound or the deceased’s will is missing can cause upsetting delays

When a loved one dies, the settlement of their estate can provide some small comfort to those left behind. If a beneficiary named in the Will cannot be traced, this process can drag on and deny the opportunity for much needed closure.

If the missing beneficiary comes forward at a later date, the value of their entitlement would be paid out by the policy. While a missing beneficiary policy should only be used as a last resort, with every effort to trace the missing party having to be made first, the cover it provides is reassurance for the executor, administrator, trustee and known beneficiaries.

This policy will allow present beneficiaries to receive their inheritance and help the family to move on peacefully at an extremely difficult time.

Similarly if a Will is believed to be lost but is then subsequently found, disputes can arise surrounding the distribution of the estate. There may also be problems if a Will has been left and a later Will is then discovered which invalidates the first one.

If a missing Will reappears after the estate has been distributed, this indemnity will protect executors, administrators and personal representatives of a deceased’s estate in relation to claims from unknown beneficiaries.

This policy provides peace of mind that ensures you won’t have to pay anything back.

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