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There are many reasons why your property may be unoccupied, such as:

  • The property is undergoing building works or a renovation
  • You’re taking an extended holiday
  • Your property is a holiday home and only visited during the summer months
  • Tenants have vacated the property without prior warning
  • You’ve inherited a property from a family member.

The most important thing is not to assume that your home insurance policy is valid if your property is empty. With a property being unoccupied there comes increased risks such as burst pipes and burglaries. You therefore need to ensure that you have the correct insurance in place so that in the event of a claim you are fully covered.

Unoccupied Property Insurance with Aston Lark

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and we can cater for this.

  • We can access both long-term and short-term unoccupied property insurance policies, depending on how long your home or property will be unoccupied for. Whether it’s for three months or twelve months, we can provide you with a quotation to suit your requirements.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated account handler to ensure you receive a personal experience. We are not a call centre.
  • We will offer advice and guidance, so you find the right solution for you.
The benefits of using Aston Lark
  • Access to a range of insurers. When a property becomes unoccupied, insurers may reduce the level of cover due to the additional risks that come with unoccupied properties. Our insurers can offer cover in line with a standard home insurance policy.
  • Flexibility to amend cover. The insurers we work with can provide a quotation on the updated occupancy, for example, if your unoccupied property is let to tenants. Some insurers will accept all different occupancies, so we may be able to simply amend your existing policy to reflect the new occupancy.
  • Claims Management. With some insurers we can accept and pay on behalf of the insurer. This enables us to provide a quick and responsive service. Any claim outside our authority or relating to liability and legal expenses has to be agreed by your insurer.
Unoccupied Property Checklist

With a property being unoccupied there comes increased risks. To help protect you and your unoccupied property we have complied a list of things you need to look out for.

download here

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does unoccupied home insurance cover?

The cover given by a specialist Unoccupied Home policy varies from insurer to insurer and policy to policy. Some policies are available with different cover options and generally, the more you pay the better the level of cover.

At a basic level an Unoccupied Home Insurance policy will give you cover for fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake and aircraft damage.

In addition to this, cover for subsidence, limited escape of water & oil, theft and vehicle collision may also be available.

Is unoccupied home insurance more expensive?

Generally speaking, yes. An unoccupied property is a higher risk for insurers, so they charge more accordingly – although it does depend on the level of cover selected and how often you visit the property.

Shorter term 3, 6 or 9 month policies are less expensive than a 12 month policy.

How much should I insure my unoccupied property for?

The basis of a rebuild calculation for an unoccupied property is the same as for a property you reside in.  It needs to be enough to rebuild the property from scratch. Find out more.

The Average Clause applies to most Unoccupied Home policies, so check that you’re not accidentally underinsuring. If you’re not sure what the Average Clause is, then you can find out more here: Average Clause

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