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If your home has flooded in the past or is deemed to be in a flood risk area, you may find it difficult to get buildings and contents insurance.

Aston Lark can help by looking at your property and tailoring a flood insurance policy accordingly. We’ll talk to you about your home, what preventative measures you have taken and what you may have done to make your home more resilient should it flood again – this includes raising the electrics and laying solid floors which can reduce the damage caused.

Our insurers have access to Flood Re, a Government-backed scheme established to help those in high-risk areas obtain affordable home insurance. The cost depends on your council tax band and it only covers homes built before 2009 which are lived in by you, your family or are unoccupied.

If insurers “cede” flood cover to Flood Re and you later claim, your insurer will pay the claim and seek reimbursement from Flood Re.

  • You can check if your home is eligible for Flood Re here
  • You can also check the flood risk of any home here

Speak to Aston Lark for a help and advice on the insurance you should have to cover your home and contents.

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