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Holiday let insurance for holiday rental homes, Airbnb, or properties on an estate

With the rise of the ‘staycation’ and the growing presence of online rental companies, renting your property (whether that be for a day, weekend, week, month or year) has never been easier. However, making sure you have the right holiday let insurance in place has become increasingly complicated.

Each insurer will take a different view on let properties, especially if they are changing from being a main, second, or holiday home.  Some may choose to cancel the policy, while others will apply additional policy terms or limit the extent of the policy cover provided. These decisions can be further influenced by other factors, such as the length of the rental, the clientele that are being appealed to, and the rental company being used to promote the property.  All in all, this can make understanding your holiday let insurance policy overly complicated.

The important thing, however, is that you do let your insurer know, as failure to do so will, inevitably, leave you without the cover your holiday rental needs in the event of a claim.

Why choose Aston Lark for your holiday let insurance?

It’s common for non-specialist insurers to limit the cover provided under their holiday let insurance policy. These limitations can take many forms:

  • No cover for theft by tenants
  • No cover for malicious or accidental damage
  • Increased policy excesses, especially for Escape of Water
  • Shorter periods for unoccupancy, where cover can be limited to basic perils only

With a specialist holiday let insurance policy these covers are all accessible.

Host guarantee cover

Some of the online rental companies will provide guarantees and, although this will provide a layer of comfort, it should not be seen as a substitute for a bespoke holiday let insurance policy. Here are some things to look out for:

  • They are not an insurance policy, they are an unregulated guarantee
  • The guarantee is unlikely to be covered by the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Claims can only be made after going through their dispute process
  • There is no cover for loss of earnings for you or alternative accommodation for guests if there was a major loss at the property
  • There is no Employers’ Liability insurance for cleaners or gardeners working at the property

We have years of experience providing home insurance solutions for holiday lets. We can offer buildings and contents policies which include loss of rent and malicious damage cover, whether your property is rented out all of the time or just occasionally.

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If would like insurance for a holiday home you are not intending to let, then click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a holiday let?

If you take a payment for someone to stay in your home, second home or personal holiday home, it’s classified by most UK insurers as a holiday let. Even if it’s irregular, just the once or just for one week.

What cover do I need for my holiday let?

Each home and circumstance is different. If you’re holiday letting a flat, you’ll need cover for your contents, liability and fixtures and fittings. For a house, you’ll need buildings, contents and liability cover.

How much notice should I give my insurer if I’m holiday letting my home?

If you are planning a holiday let then you need to let your insurer or broker know well in advance. It’s tempting to leave it until the last minute, but then you face the stress of finding alternative cover at short notice. If you’re thinking about it, ask your insurer today what their stance is.

Why do I need additional home insurance cover, surely it’s covered by Airbnb?

Airbnb’s host guarantee only covers minor damage and gives no liability cover at all and is not an insurance contract. Their host protection policy is an insurance contract but only covers up to £1m, which might not be enough in the event of a liability claim.

I’m renting out my flat - it’s covered under the block policy isn’t it?

You still need to let your home insurer know. The block policy covers the buildings, not your home, or your liability inside your home. You may also need to inform the block policy’s insurer, so speak to your block management company.

Why do I need Loss of Rent cover?

If your home is damaged and you can’t rent it out, you’ll earn no rental income. For serious claims, this could amount to many months of lost income. Loss of Rent cover is also known as Loss of Income cover and both are usually covered under the buildings or buildings and contents sections of a policy.

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