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At Aston Lark, our personal insurance team is here to do the hard work. To make your insurance more personal and to ensure that you always receive the very best advice, service and value-for-money cover.

Finding a better policy for a lower premium

Background:  This client came to us from another broker and, when we looked at their policy renewal, the sums insured didn’t look right to us. After spending some time with the client – talking about their home and reviewing the policy – we came to the conclusion that the buildings sum insured was inflated and based on the purchase price of the property not the rebuild cost.

Our solution: We put the client in touch with a buildings desktop surveyor and as a result the client’s buildings sum insured almost halved.  Despite increases to his other sums insured we were able to find a more suitable policy, at a more competitive premium and, most importantly, made sure that the client had the cover they needed.

Simplifying the complicated

Background: Our client had separate buildings and contents policies which isn’t always a good idea, as in the event of a claim you’ll often have two insurers, two excesses and twice the administration. In addition to this, most of the time, having two policies is more expensive.

Our solution: Our client’s contents insurance was with Aston Lark but the buildings insurance was with their bank.  We reviewed the market and by combining the insurance policies we were able to reduce the premium and improve the buildings insurance cover.

Minding the underinsurance trap

Background: Our client lived in a large house in Essex with their extended family. However, their contents sum insured was far too low to cover everything in the event of a catastrophic loss. The worst thing you can do is assume the cover you have in place is adequate, as the realisation of being underinsured only becomes clear at the point of a claim, just when you need your insurance policy the most.

Our solution:  Our client’s insurance was previously with a high street bank and was competitively priced. However, the cover was inadequate with limits that just weren’t suitable. For example, in the event of a fire, the policy only had alternative accommodation for six months whereas a home like this would take at least twelve months to rebuild.

By undertaking a full market review we found and tailored a policy to suit our client’s needs and made sure that there were no gaps in cover should the worst happen.

Solving a problematic claims history

Background: Our client had been paying a very high premium for his home insurance as his previous insurer had categorised his home as being in a high flood risk area. This meant he had a high home insurance premium as well as an increased flood excess.

Our solution: We researched the area, checked our flood mapping and couldn’t see why the property was classed as a high flood risk. We spoke to their insurer who confirmed that the property had previously had a small flood due to a blocked drain more than 15 years ago. As there had been no flood-related issues since, we were able to negotiate a lower premium with full flood cover on our client’s behalf.

What our clients say

“I have dealt with Aston Lark for a long while and am satisfied they always get the best deal for me without compromise. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and would recommend people to just give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!”

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