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If you are a diplomat from outside the UK, arranging your car insurance can be a challenge as most UK insurers are unable to offer cover to vehicle-owners who:

  • Are not a UK resident
  • Hold a non-UK/EU driving licence
  • Are members of overseas diplomatic or military personnel
  • Have a vehicle which has a diplomatic registration number

In addition to this, diplomats often require cover notes bearing a vehicle’s chassis number in order to register new vehicles with diplomatic registration numbers – most insurers cannot or will not provide cover on this basis.

This is where a quality broker like Aston Lark excels.

The benefits of using Aston Lark

We have been arranging motor insurance for diplomats for well over 25 years and have developed a specialist insurance facility for diplomatic and consular staff from around the world* while they are posted in the UK. The benefits of using us include:

  • Acceptance of non-UK No Claims Discount
  • Premium reduction for lower annual milage and overnight garaging
  • Cover for high-value, performance and luxury vehicles (depending on insurer)
  • Cover for imported vehicles (depending on insurer)
  • Comprehensive cover from an A-rated insurer
  • Low-cost Motor Breakdown cover
  • Full cover in EU member countries (maximum 30 days’ travel outside the UK in any one period of insurance) at no extra cost
  • Premium finance to spread the cost
What you can expect from us
  • You will be assigned a dedicated account handler to ensure that you receive a personal experience.
  • We are here to build a relationship with you and earn your trust – we don’t just see a policy number.

If you have any queries or questions, we are always happy to help. For a competitive quote, call 01304 872 900 or complete our call back request form.

*Due to legal restrictions we are unable to provide cover for diplomats from countries that are subject to UN, EU and UK Treasury Sanctions.

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