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Whether you have just one piece of antique furniture, or a house full, one item or an entire collection it’s important you insure it properly.

It’s not always necessary to have a bespoke policy, but it’s important you understand whether your home insurance policy provides you with the cover you need to fully protect your collection. To find out more read our FAQs.

What is classified as antiques or collectibles?

If you can’t or wouldn’t replace an item as new, then you should consider insuring it under the antique or collectibles section of your home insurance policy. Many home insurance policies are ‘new for old’ and in the case of loss or damage, would you want your collectible replaced with a modern alternative?

Here are some examples of things we’ve insured recently:

  • Stamp collections
  • Coin collection and medals
  • Toys, including Matchbox and Dinky, Meccano and Lego sets
  • Clocks, barometers and mechanical art
  • Fountain pen collections
  • Antique sewing machines
How do I get the best insurance policy for my collection?

The best policies will give you the following cover:

  • Extended replacement cost – For up to three years following a professional valuation, cover at the point of a claim is provided at 150% of the valuation figure.
  • New acquisitions cover – Covering you for up to 60 days after purchase, in case you forget to tell your broker.
  • Restoration cover – Following a claim for partial damage, insurers will pay to restore the item plus its loss in market value given the restoration.
  • Defective title – If it transpires that a piece is not rightfully yours, insurers may pay you the value of the item, as well your defence legal fees.
Why choose Aston Lark for your antiques or collectible insurance?

As a specialist insurance company, Aston Lark can find you the right insurance solution designed to protect collections such as yours. We can point you in the direction of the best valuation experts and then arrange a policy tailor-made to suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my home insurance policy cover my antiques and collectibles?

Home insurance policies generally have a sub-limit for antiques and collectibles within the definition of ‘contents’. It’s important that you review this to ensure it’s enough for your pieces. Some policies exclude certain collectibles from their definition of contents, such as coins and medals.

If your home insurance policy does have a separate fine art and antiques section, it will be subject to a ‘single article limit’. This figure can be as low as £1,000. Again, it is important to ensure this remains enough for you.

Antiques and collectibles are often considered a lower risk than contents, so a £10,000 collection may cost you less if you insure it under the fine art and antiques section of your home insurance policy rather than the contents section.

It’s also worth remembering that your contents policy may not cover your collection outside your home.

How do I know how much to insure my collection for?

Insurers recommend that you obtain a valuation at least every five years, preferably three in today’s market. We can point you in the direction of the best valuation experts.

Can Aston Lark insure my antique cars?

Yes! Our Classic Motor Trade team has a passion for helping people who collect and work with classic and historic vehicles.  Find out more

Why should I use a broker for my antiques and collectibles insurance?

Aston Lark are specialists in finding the right insurance solutions for antiques and collectibles. We understand the value of a good policy and can also point you in the direction of the best valuation experts.

Protecting your Collections

We are frequently asked to organise cover for art collections, both large and small, as well as jewellery, antiques and many others. Coins, stamps, toys, gothic locks, netsuke, toothpicks – the things we are asked to find cover for are as varied, fascinating and idiosyncratic as our clients.

Whatever you choose to invest in, you will need to keep up-to-date with its value and insure it correctly, as in the event of a claim you don’t want to realise you’re underinsured.

In this library we share advice from some of our partners on market trends for particular assets, as well as advice on how they should be insured.

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