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From art to whisky, we can arrange insurance for the things you love and collect. We are frequently asked to organise cover for art collections, both large and small, as well as jewellery, antiques, coins, stamps, toys, gothic locks, netsuke, toothpicks – the things we are asked to find cover for are as varied, fascinating and idiosyncratic as our clients.

And yes, we do arrange insurance for a few zithers, through our leading musical instrument brand Lark Music, as well as many violins, pianos, guitars and saxophones.

The things you collect require specialist insurance. A standard home contents policy is unlikely to be suitable as it will contain sub-limits and exclusions. Typically, within a home contents policy, there will be a financial limit on valuables, for example jewellery, watches and art. Similarly, a musical instrument may well be excluded under a home policy if it is worth more than a certain value, is taken out of the home or used professionally.

If you would like to discuss your collection, whatever its contents, call our team of specialists at Aston Lark on 0208 256 4901, or email

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Key to the work we do is understanding how our clients live, so that we can construct an insurance portfolio that gives you the freedom to operate as fluidly as you’d like.

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