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Key to the work we do is understanding how our clients live, so that we can construct an insurance portfolio that gives you the freedom to operate as fluidly as you’d like.

Insurance flexibility for an avid art collector

Our client has a passion for collecting art and frequently invests in new pieces, sometimes on a daily basis. However, adding these individual purchases to their insurance portfolio was proving time consuming as it meant their Family Office needed to contact us each time a new purchase was made. In order to alleviate the Family Office’s administrative burden, we leveraged our strong relationships and agreed with the insurer that the client’s policy would be updated to include 90-day acquisition cover, as long as a piece does not cost more than 25% of the total sum insured, meaning the Family Office now only needs to declare any new art purchased on a quarterly basis. This is just one example of how we utilise our insurer relationships to help clients manage their insurances more easily.

Managing property complexity

Our client owns property in the UK, France and Sweden. On the face of it this appears straightforward, however their home in Sweden is extremely unique with complex insurance requirements. The property sits on its own island so flood cover, fire protection and access all need careful consideration. In order to place the risk correctly and understand exactly what the client needs from their policy, our Client Director visits the client annually to meet with them and their house staff, enabling Aston Lark to see the insurance requirements first-hand, to make sure that the policy cover suits the client’s specific requirements, and ensure they can comply with policy conditions.

Providing an exemplary service 24/7

Our client unfortunately suffered an overnight break-in at their London home and was extremely concerned that the thieves would return, as it seems they were disturbed mid-burglary. The thieves had broken in through the front door, leaving it seriously damaged. The alarm activated and called through to the first responders who were the Key Holding company and they immediately visited the property, but by the time they arrived the thieves had scarpered. The client let us know straight away and within the hour we arranged, with the insurer, for a private security guard to be stationed outside the house for two days until the replacement door and locks could be installed.

Simplifying the complicated

Our client owns a country estate in Scotland with particularly complex requirements. The main house is a very unique building, with unusual materials and curved glass, and sitting in several thousand acres of wild moors. It needs a special insurance placement strategy due to a train line running through the estate. There is also a small restaurant, holiday lets, shoots, plus visitors and hikers – yet it is still a family residence. This complex risk is placed across eleven policies, these being a mixture of commercial, contractors all risks, art, household, woodland, liability and motor, yet we present it to our client and their Family Office as one package in order to simplify the insurance for them. We also visit the estate annually to ensure we thoroughly understand the requirements and that the policies continue to protect all aspects of the estate.

What our clients say

“I have dealt with Aston Lark for a long while and am satisfied they always get the best deal for me without compromise. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and would recommend people to just give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!”

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