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At Aston Lark, we understand how valuable your classic car is and we share that passion. We pride ourselves on being customer focused and will always strive to find you the cover you need.

We have access to specialist classic car insurers who are not only competitive but have great benefits designed specifically for classic car enthusiasts.

Why choose Aston Lark for your classic car insurance?

  • We can provide tailored policies to suit your needs, whatever they may be.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated handler to answer any queries and provide that personal service.
  • We can cover a vast array of classic and vintage models, regardless of value. We have specialist insurers for the higher-valued classic cars including rare collectibles.
  • We only work with insurers who provide a great service and share our passion for the classic motor industry.

We understand that vintage and antique car owners are not like other motorists and need a specialist insurance team who take that extra care. Whatever your needs are, our experienced team will look to assist.

There are other benefits to insuring your classic car through us, so please call our dedicated team or request a call back for any further information. Complete our form on the right and our team will be in touch to discuss your classic car insurance.

Aston Lark can also cover classic car collections, so please get in touch with any questions and our team will be happy to help.

Additional classic car insurance cover options

Agreed Value:

We can include ‘agreed value  cover’ on your policy which means you know what you will be paid out in the event of a total loss. Cover for your classic car’s true value with no surprises!

EU Cover:

It is common amongst classic car insurers to have no cover when travelling to the EU, but we work with insurers who can offer this.

Restoration Cover:

We can provide insurance cover for your classic car whilst it is being restored to its former glory.

Limited Mileage:

If you use your vehicle for a limited mileage, you can receive some great discounts. Our insurers recognise that fewer miles means fewer accidents, which in turn means fewer £’s on your premium.

Transit Cover:

We can provide cover for your classic car whilst it is in transit. This could be transporting to a classic car show or simply moving to a storage facility.

Laid Up Cover:

We recommend keeping your classic vehicle insurance policy active even when registered with a SORN and can provide laid up cover to protect your classic whilst it is not on the road.

Are you a classic car trader?

We offer specialist Classic Motor Trade Insurance where we have policies to suit all.
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Multi Car or Portfolios?

Consolidating your policies can have invaluable benefits and reduce the time you spend on insurance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a broker for my classic car insurance?

An insurance broker is a middleman between a client and an insurance company. Dealing directly with an insurer is fine – if your needs fit with how they want to engage. But if you have a high-value car, make a claim, or need to change a detail within your policy, then you might find that ‘the computer says no’ and be left frustrated with no one to help you.

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How can I get cheaper classic car insurance?

It can be tough to find the optimum balance between insurance cover and price, often needing to forfeit some elements of cover in order to keep down the cost. However, there are some simple ways to manage your premium and still have the cover you need. Remember, cheapest is rarely best!

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Will my annual mileage impact my classic car insurance premium?

An insurer will consider how you plan to use the car and whether you have a second vehicle for day-to-day use. If you use your classic car for limited mileage, you can receive some great discounts as fewer miles means fewer accidents, which in turn means less money spent on your premium.

Will how I store my classic car impact my classic car insurance premium?

Yes, it will influence how an insurer perceives the risk. Simply put, if your classic car is locked away in a garage, then it is less likely to be stolen.

What is agreed value cover, and do I need it for my classic car?

Agreed value = no surprises. If your car is written off, you will receive the exact amount agreed at the inception of the policy rather than the usually depreciative market value. However, with some classics appreciating in value it may be that agreed value is not the right choice. This is why you should speak to a specialist broker like Aston Lark.

How often should I get my classic car valued?

You should review the value of your classic car at least every three years but always keep an eye on the market.

How old does a car have to be in order to qualify for classic car insurance?

This is dependent on the insurer and type of vehicle, but generally speaking if a vehicle is more than twenty years old it would qualify for classic car insurance.

Is classic car insurance cheaper than regular car insurance?

In the main, classic car insurance is cheaper than your everyday car insurance. Here are some things an insurer considers when setting a premium for classic car insurance.

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