For the Exceptional

There comes a time when you need more suitable insurance for your home, property and other belongings than one you can buy cut-price online.

With simple insurance needs, a straightforward online solution is often enough, but as you accumulate assets and your needs become more complex, your insurance needs to adapt and grow with you. Many new clients tell us they have become frustrated with the nameless, faceless service provided online or by large call centres – never speaking to the same person twice. They want someone they can talk to who will give them good, sensible and independent advice about how and what to insure.

A one-size-fits-all approach is just not appropriate for those with a little more to protect, or those circumstances where the computer tends to say ‘no’.

We want to understand you first, and then you can leave the insurance to us.

Whether it be a listed property, a luxury car, an expensive engagement ring, home security arrangements which suit you and not the call centre, or a previous claim which your current insurers seem to be unreasonably unforgiving about, call our team of personal insurance specialists at Aston Lark on 0208 256 4901 or email [email protected].

Aston Lark….For the exceptional