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Not just for short films!

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Immediate cover

Once you have purchased cover, we will immediately email your policy documents to you for safe keeping. We also store a copy online for you to download at any time.

Amendable options

You can amend your short period policy once you have purchased it, just in case you have forgotten to add something.

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Short period insurance is not just for short films.


Feature films, music videos, kit tests, corporate videos, and commercials are just some of the other projects that may also need insurance for a short period of time.

Our online system provides instant estimates as you choose your cover, so you can see at a glance what the likely cost is going to be.

Furthermore, our cover is accepted by all major hire companies, and is simple and easy for you to arrange – even outside of normal working hours!

If you are planning a production which is scheduled for 90 days or less, Performance can provide you with cover at a time that is convenient for you.

What we can cover

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  • Hired-in Equipment
  • Your own Equipment, bought in the last 3 months, specifically for the production
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Producers Indemnity
  • Alternative Hire costs – should you need to hire in replacement kit
  • Continuing Hire cover - where you are not able to return rented equipment due to loss or damage
  • Money and Assault cover
  • Personal Accident & Travel
What we can't cover


  • Drones whilst being flown
  • Terrorism
  • Nuclear risks
  • War
  • Sonic Bangs
  • Electronic Risks
Please note

Buying insurance via our online portal would be on a ‘non-advised’ basis and accordingly we make no comment as to whether this meets your demands and needs and you will need to satisfy yourself as to whether the policy is suitable for your requirements.



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