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The post-production companies we insure work on a vast range of major TV shows.

Sporting events and box-office smashes. From boy wizards to secret agents; you name it, they’ve done it. And done it well!

Something that the team here at Performance does really well, is solving client's problems - especially when an off-the-shelf solution does not exist.

A few years ago, in discussion with some post houses, it was discovered that the conventional insurance policies they had were not protecting them. If they were to damage their client’s media during the editing process, not only could they lose money, but a valuable client as well!

We saw this as a clear challenge and set about finding a solution to protect against these specific concerns. After listening to a range of clients, we developed our exclusive post-production indemnity section. This solution plugged a worrying gap in cover and would help save the relationship of the post house and their client.

At Performance, we love solving problems for people and, in the same way that you carefully piece together the elements of a production into the finished article, we like to think that we take the same care when putting together your individual insurance cover.

Whether on film or digital - audio, visual, or CGI – we can ensure that your business, your property, and that of your client, has tailor-made protection.

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