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The use of UAV's/drones in film and video production is really taking off...

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Now that we've filled our 'bad pun of the day' quota, let's get down to how Performance can help Commercial Drone Operators.

The use of UAV’s / Drones in producing Film and Video content is growing all the time as people look at ways of improving the footage captured. At Performance, we work with a market leading, established Insurer who have provided Insurance to Commercial Drone Operators for a number of years.

The bespoke Policy meets with the Civil Aviation Authorities minimum requirements for commercial Drone operators.

As a leading Insurance Broker for Film in the UK, we have taken the time to understand the regulations around the use of drones for Filming and we would be happy to talk through your project and some of the key details you will have to consider.

Further information on some of the considerations can be found on the CAA website here .


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