27th August 2020

Is your Rugby club house protected against storms & flood?

By Colin Mico
Account Executive
Rugby club house flood

In early 2020, large parts of the country found themselves under water – for the fourth consecutive winter.

The North West, South Yorkshire, South Wales and the Marches and the Thames Valley have all been hit hard by exceptional rainfall, and places like Fishlake near Doncaster have been flooded for the first time in living memory.

Climate change is blamed by most, housing developments built on flood plains by some, deforestation and lack of dredging by others. Whatever the reasons, the reality for all property owners is that there is a higher risk of your property being flooded in the 2020s than there was a decade ago.

Insurers have noted the changing flood patterns and have invested heavily in more sophisticated programmes to give them pinpoint accuracy on the flood risk for any location in the UK.

What does this mean for rugby clubs?

It is going to become increasingly difficult to get insurers to offer traditional flood cover, and if they do, the potential premium cost will be a great deal more than clubs are prepared to pay.  

What is the answer?

We are happy to help clubs explore what more they can do to protect their property against flood – deeper drainage ditches, flood shields, retaining walls, improved drainage, for example – and can provide some flood cover via a standalone franchise policy with FloodFlash.

This has already worked for Tonbridge Juddians RFC – please watch the video below to see the case study.

If you would like to discuss this in greater detail, or like us to review your existing exposures and coverage, please contact me at [email protected] or on 01883868521.