6th November 2019

Student contents insurance – you may already be covered

By Francesca Shinn, Cert CII
Account Handler
Student contents

Despite many students having extensive collections of tech equipment, designer clothes or handbags, over a quarter don’t have insurance, according to research by Aviva*.

The insurer’s study found 27% of students choose not to take out a contents insurance policy while they are away at university as they feel that this will be an extra expense at a time in their lives when they are already struggling with debt.  However, not a lot of students realise that their possessions may automatically be covered under their parents’ policy if they still reside at their address, despite living away from home during term time.

If you’re a student and you’re living in halls of residence, the university will be responsible for insuring the building, while if you’re living in private accommodation, the landlord will be responsible. These costs will usually be passed onto tenants through the monthly rent, however, students are responsible for insuring their own contents. 

Not a lot of students realise that their possessions may automatically be covered under their parents’ policy.

Burglary and theft are unfortunately common at universities, with mobile phones, laptops, money and bicycles among the most common items stolen.  Laptops are of particular value, as not only can they be expensive to buy, but they also hold all of somebody’s university work which makes them such a treasured possession.  It is therefore worthwhile making sure that they are insured.

In order to minimise the chance of a loss occurring, we would also recommend taking the following precautions:

  • Ask your landlord if they will fix a lock to your bedroom door to prevent any mysterious disappearances.  Most will have these as standard anyway.
  • Make sure that your policy offers worldwide cover for your possessions so that they will be covered while you are travelling to and from university and also if you go away on any trips.
  • Keep belongings out of sight and away from windows, particularly if you are leaving items at university over the holidays.

If you have a child who is away at university and would like to check if he or she is covered under your home insurance policy, then please contact your dedicated Aston Lark Account Handler, or call 0207 543 2800.

* https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1164781/contents-insurance-students-help