11th December 2019

Stay cyber safe this Christmas

By Catherine Aleppo
Client Director - Head of Cyber
Online Christmas shopping

Are your staff doing their Christmas shopping at work?

With time restraints and to avoid busy high streets, more and more consumers are carrying out their Christmas shopping with online purchases. Unfortunately this has not gone unnoticed by cybercriminals, who find themselves at this time of year in particular, presented with an increasing number of easy targets. Don’t let your system vulnerabilities be a cybercriminals’ Christmas gift!

There are a few things you and your employees can do to stay cyber safe this Christmas.

  • Avoid making online purchases on public Wi-Fi. Fraudsters can put themselves between you and the website you’re shopping on therefore having the potential to get your log-in details or worse, your payment details.
  • Remain vigilant! If your employees are Christmas shopping at their desks during their lunch hour, fraudsters could be trying to entice them into clicking on malicious links which could have devastating consequences to the business system.  If an offer looks too good to be true, it is!
  • Less is more. If employees are ordering presents online and getting them delivered to work, checkout as a guest, giving only the minimal amount of information required
  • A hacker may not act immediately. Ensure you have procedures in place to help you deter and detect unusual activity before it is too late. Use firewalls, encrypt data, have patch management procedures and good password hygiene. Have real time monitoring and data analysis to identity and intercept rogue traffic.  
  • Have insurance in place to provide the response capabilities so that you have peace of mind and can enjoy the festive period.
  • Treat online payments like you would cash. Advise your employees to check a few things in the URL before proceeding. Is the green padlock symbol there, and does the URL begin with https*?

For other cyber security tips, our cyber specialist team is available on 01252 359086 or email [email protected] to find out how cyber risk protection insurance can benefit your business.


*Please be advised that whilst https indicates the connection is encrypted, it doesn’t always mean the website is legitimate.