Seeing Through Squares

Seeing Through Squares

Today, The London Sinfonietta hosted anther World Premiere Wednesday. We are proud to support and sponsor these breakfast events as they create a platform for new and daring music to be played in front of like-minded and receptive people.

Although it may be a very different way to start a mid-week morning, listeners are given the opportunity to be the first to listen to new music, played by a talented musician and also hear the piece explained by the composer.

Today, the composer Emily Hall premiered her piece titled ‘See Through Squares’. Living up to the risk taking nature of the London Sinfonietta, the piece was performed differently utilising a unique visual aspect. A sculpture, created by Ann-Margreth Bohl, was turned into an instrument by David Sheppard, with each movement creating a different yet beautiful sound. Whilst being played, a light was also shone behind the sculpture to create a visual representation of the music (pictured below) – all in all, it was a great artistic experience!

‘I was intrigued by today’s performance, I've never heard electronic wind chimes played before, however, I love anything percussive. The real joy of live music is communal participation, that’s one of the things I really enjoy about this season that the London Sinfonietta have put together. It’s a pleasure to be a part of and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.’ said David Foster, Managing Director of our Private Client Division.

Our musical instrument insurance team have developed a strong relationship with the London Sinfonietta allows us to be part of the development of ground-breaking pieces of music, as the London Sinfonietta continually pushes music to new boundaries and audiences with the use of art, light and technology.

To learn more about the relationship we have with the London Sinfonietta, and other organisations within the musical instrument industry, please feel free to get in touch David Foster on or 020 8557 2388

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Images from the event