12th November 2019

Scrapping the old: Improving business standards using Risk Management

By Steve Walker
Client Director
Scrap yard

Aston Lark has a long-standing relationship with T W Crowden a well-established breakers yard in the East Midlands with a great claims history.

However, the business needed to be modernised to bring it in line with industry standards and meet the requirements of insurers.

Following the passing of the business founder Thomas, his daughter Elizabeth and her husband Chris used this sad time as an ideal opportunity to move the business forward. We arranged a risk management survey from the Vehicle Recyclers Association’s approved insurers to gain their expertise on where they thought the business was in relation to insurer standards.

Following the survey, the operation fell below par, with many areas that needed to be addressed.

Over the next 12 months, Chris worked tirelessly to bring the business up to the required standard and his enthusiasm and energetic drive shone through.

Changes to the business included:

  • The yard had to be overhauled with some additional concreting.
  • Designated walkways implemented with car stacking revised.
  • Buildings improved.
  • Fixed electrical testing certified.
  • A full Health & Safety policy put in place which included risk assessments as appropriate.
  • A fire prevention plan was also arranged which also satisfied the Environment Agency.
  •  Storage of waste batteries and tyres were improved.

This was no mean feat considering the timescale for the improvements however, during this time, we were able to offer support with on-site visits and monitoring progress. Advice was also provided regarding insurer requirements.

Finally, a further survey was carried out and the business had improved so much it even exceeded the insurer’s standards and expectations for this type of enterprise.

A resounding success for all involved. Our insurers now have a low-risk insured business, we have a valuable client that we can continue to offer unrivalled support and advice. But above all, Chris and his team have got themselves a business which will continue to flourish and thrive in the years ahead.

If you have found yourself in a similar position to Elizabeth and Chris or would like a review of your business to ensure you meet industry standards and insurer expectations, give Steve Walker a call on 01384 398326 or email steve.walker@astonlark.com.