9th August 2019

Travel Insurance Unpacked: Travelling to high-risk countries

By Suzi Rackley, Dip CII
Client Director

All travel insurance policies exclude certain countries so it’s very important that you carefully check that your intended policy will provide cover in the areas you plan to travel to or even pass through.  

Generally, high-risk countries are those that are considered a war zone or where local conditions are dangerous, volatile or unsettled and countries where our government is limited in its ability to provide consulate support.  The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) gather information daily and will advise when it is not safe to travel. Generally, insurers exclude cover in destinations where the FCO have stated it is not safe to travel to. If you are unsure, visit here for more information. 

Please note that if your flight has a stopover in a destination deemed not to be safe by the FCO or you are passing through for a couple of days, your travel policy may not respond if you need emergency assistance.  

Travel insurance is there to cover unforeseen events. If an area is safe at the time of booking your policy and taking out your insurance policy but subsequently the FCO advises against travelling, your insurance policy should cover your cancellation costs, subject to the policy terms and conditions.  

At Aston Lark we have partnered with Millstream to bring you comprehensive travel insurance. Our policy automatically provides you with access to Millstream’s 360 Assistance. This service will provide you with up-to-date travel information and expert medical and security advice. With a worldwide network of service providers, they can support you with a single point of contact in any situation. 

For a quotation for either a single trip or an annual policy, please visit the Aston Lark website https://www.astonlark.com/travel-insurance  

Stay tuned for Travel Insurance Unpacked Part 2: Medical Conditions.