13th March 2020

Nutrition and Hydration Week – 16th-22nd March 2020

By Dominic Perry, Cert CII
Account Handler
healthy snacks

Although we know we should be eating ‘better’ and drinking more water to take care of ourselves, how many of us really do this? Office workers can often get into bad habits, with snacking and fizzy drinks regularly consumed and available in the workplace. Birthday treats, holiday treats, ‘thanks for the hard work’ snacks… the list goes on!

March sees the return of Nutrition and Hydration Week, a global event designed to promote the benefits of a good quality diet and hydration, especially in workplaces.

Surely, what an employee eats and drinks is entirely down to them and is none of the company’s business?

Although this is true, by encouraging employees to make healthier choices or providing nutritious food options, it can have a profound impact on their wellbeing.

Employees who are making healthier choices with their food are less likely to be off sick* and more likely to be engaged with their work. This is because they avoid that mid-afternoon sugar slump or the need to run out on a break for chocolate to get them through the day.

Furthermore, employees who feel their employer is taking care of them are more likely to be happier at work***, assisting with an company’s retention.

If everyone drinks enough throughout the day, why do we need to focus on this?

Although employees may drink enough throughout the day, are they drinking the right things? A reliance on coffee or fizzy drinks instead of water could be detrimental to employees’ health. Drinking water helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, which helps combat tiredness, as well as improving joints, the brain and other sensitive tissues. It can also help externally, by flushing out toxins and improving skin quality**.

So, what can we do?

This Nutrition and Hydration Week, why not share some information with your employees and encourage them to make healthier choices? In addition to this, many organisations are holding a Global Tea Party to bring their employees together to discuss nutritional care.

The cost of unhealthy workforce to the UK taxpayer is estimated at £60 billion***, can you really afford to not give it a try?

* https://www.bitc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/bitc-wellbeing-image-physicalactivityhealthyeatinghealthierweightinfographic-may2018-1.pdf

** https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/290814#benefits

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