10th February 2020

Manufacturers are a prime target for ransomware attacks

By Aston Lark
Manufacturer using digital technology

Manufacturing, being a time-critical industry, is increasingly becoming a prime target for ransomware attacks.  Business critical manufacturing processes with technology dependent production are grinding to a halt while systems are paralysed or held to ransom by cyber criminals. 

The financial impact is devastating, with businesses not only losing profit, all the while they cannot produce their goods, but also but facing costly measures having to revert to manual workarounds, paying staff overtime, or hiring temporary workforce in an attempt to stay in business.  This is compounded by damage caused to brand reputation which can remain with an organisation for far longer than the period of downtime.

A recent article by Kennedys solicitors highlights the sort of threats and vulnerabilities facing the manufacturing industry.  In this, the digital age, organisations must take necessary steps to protect the manufacturing know-how which makes a business so successful. 

There are no absolutes in risk management alone, however managed protocols alongside insurance protection ultimately has to be the belt & braces approach to mitigate the unforeseeable.


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