8th June 2020

Let’s Get Cricket Activity Going!

By Colin Mico
Account Executive
Cricket activity

With the latest Government announcement to allow bigger groups to train, and primary schools now open for up to 15 children in a classroom, now is the time to get our activity going – in accordance with Government medical advice and ECB recommendations.

I have already run one senior training session at my club based on groups of six going around coaching stations set up to practice fielding / catching / batting skills, and we have had a small group of bowlers working on the non turf pitch with a wicket keeper.

There is no reason why something similar cannot be done for juniors.

Our insurers cover your cricket club activity anywhere in the UK, and provided that Government medical advice is followed (i.e. there is no dangerous or reckless disregard for current “best practice”) then everything is good.

We understand that there are further Government relaxations due, which may then lead us to match play in July – whether that is inter-club matches, friendlies or full-on league cricket, based on the ECB recommendations at the time.  

Insurance solutions for your cricket club

Challenging times call for us to adapt to a “new normal”. If you would like to talk about my coaching ideas or how we can help you make sure that your insurance policy covers your “new normal” exposures, please call me on 01883 868 521 or send me an email at [email protected].