Insurance for your fixtures and fittings

Insurance for your fixtures and fittings

How Do I Insure my Fitted Kitchen?

We’re often asked by clients how to insure their fitted kitchen. With the cost of a fitted kitchen sometimes reaching towards six figures, it’s important to insure it properly. Top brands we’re asked to insure include Mark Wilkinson, Tom Howley and Smallbone Kitchens

Generally speaking, a fitted kitchen or bathroom will be insured under the buildings section of a home insurance policy. Any fitted appliances ie built in dishwashers or built in washing machines would be counted as buildings. Most Aga range cookers, for example,  would be counted as buildings. Any non-fitted, ie slot-in appliances, would be counted as contents.

The units, worktop, sink and taps and wooden or ceramic flooring should be insured as buildings. Any carpet is insured as contents, the theory being that you could take it with you when you move.

The same is true of bathrooms. Gone are the times of a simple bath, loo, sink and a few plain tiles. All of the sanitary ware and any fitted woodwork should be insured under the buildings sum insured.

Let us know if you have a high-quality kitchen, we will tailor your cover accordingly.


Sub zero fridge-freezers are a good example. A standalone sub-zero freezer would be treated as contents, but one where the woodwork has been fitted around the ventilation fins at the top would be counted under the buildings sum insured. In both instances, you should let us know so that we can advise insurers accordingly


I live in a flat, how do I insure my kitchen or bathroom – I don’t have buildings insurance?

This is a common gap in cover. You may have limited cover under the block policy. Forget for the moment the fact that the block policy isn’t in your name and that the cover might not be adequate, for example, many exclude “Accidental Damage”. A standard block policy may only pay for a standard “contract” type kitchen.

If you live in a flat, you need to insure your kitchen and bathroom under the “Fixtures and Fittings” section of your home insurance. Sometimes this section is called “Tenants Improvements”. You should also as the name suggests consider the cost of all the other improvements you’ve made in your flat, such as hardwood flooring, built in wardrobes and built in bookcases.

Speak to us, we can help. We can ensure that you have an appropriate policy and we can tailor the cover accordingly. We can also visit and agree in advance with you what constitutes buildings cover and what does not.