Insurance made simpler with LARK Private Clients

Insurance made simpler with LARK Private Clients

A potential client called our Farnborough office, asking us to quote on his home insurance.

He was worried that he’d be wasting our time. It was, he feared, all too complicated. He was struggling to get a reasonable quote online as his answers didn’t fit the insurers’ “boxes” and the companies he called just couldn’t help.

Our dedicated team understands complicated homes; they excel in those properties that are different, for whatever reason. Old properties, unusual properties, properties deemed “non-standard construction” including thatched, timber frame, stone, flat roof, windmills, watermills, converted barns and high value homes.

As long as it is your main home of residence or your main home is insured with Lark, we can help!

Even on the rare occasion that cover cannot be placed, you will still receive our best advice.

In addition, our advice is free and impartial, even if you go elsewhere after speaking to us. So at the inception, adjustment or renewal of your mid or high-value home, you will not be charged.

You won’t be wasting our time, it’s our job and we’re passionate about insurance and doing the right thing for our clients. Don’t wait for renewal; speak to a member of our team now