If wind and water could write music, it would sound like Ben's

If wind and water could write music, it would sound like Ben's

The above words of virtuoso violinist Yehudi Menuhin have rung true for the Lark Music team who are in Aldeburgh this week.

The wind whistling through reed beds, the moody skies, seagulls screeching and waves dragging shingle down the beach powerfully echo Britten’s music – and his legacy lives on through children performing in the Celebration at 30! festival at Snape Maltings.

Here in ‘Benjamin Britten country’, more than 1,500 children have been on stage in the Snape Maltings Concert Hall and Lark has been proud to support the event.

Over the last 30 years, some 40,000 children have been involved in the festival and in the audience, we have met parents who themselves were part of Celebration when they were at school – and so generations of families have been enjoying this unique and inspiring festival.

From tiny tots to sixth formers, orchestras to ensembles, the enthusiasm for music has been contagious. Every evening, the schools come together on the stage for a finale.

The finale piece, I Wish, has been composed by Gwyneth Herbert.

Gwyneth said that for this, the 30th anniversary of Celebration, she ‘needed new noise, with a sense of possibility’ and so she asked this year’s performers to let her know their three wishes – one for themselves, one for someone they love and one for the world.

Gwyneth said: “The song is theirs and it’s one of genuine celebration ­– of Snape Maltings, and the extraordinary creative work they do; of singing, and the magical feeling of community it generates; of young people, and the fierce power of their voices.

“And it’s also an invitation: to make a wish ... to make it bigger... and then to make it happen.”

We at Lark are still humming the chorus and if you would like to ‘join the party’ tickets (£4-£8) are available from snapemaltings.co.uk

So come to our party
All of the world is invited

Come to our party
Everybody’s excited
Yes it’s fancy dress
and the theme is
Magic and change

All change!

Lark Music at Snape Maltings’ Celebration


Children performing. Picture credit - Anna McCarthy

Snape Maltings at night