Home Emergency cover - you have it but would you know when to use it?

Home Emergency cover - you have it but would you know when to use it?

Home Emergency is a subsection of cover under our medium to high net worth policies. If you are unsure if you have this cover please refer to your policy schedule or account handler. The cover does what it says on the tin, should you be unfortunate to experience an emergency at your home, which could result in potentially a large amount of damage, it will provide emergency help from a reputable contractor to help in your time of need.

The cover is extensive and covers a number of emergencies you might be likely to face at home. Burst Pipes, sudden leakages, failure of the domestic water supply or heating, blockage of sewage pipes, removal of pests, wasps, house mice and wasps. The emergencies may seem small, but without addressing these emergencies, thousands of pounds of damage can be caused.

There is a 24 hour helpline which you can call to get advice and ensure your claim is covered, if the claim is covered the claims handler will get straight to work and arrange for a reputable contractor to get to your property to carry out the emergency repairs which may be of a temporary nature to just stop the emergency element.  We know your time is precious and sometimes finding someone who is available to complete the works in an emergency is not always easy to find, by leaving it to your claims handler they have a network of hundreds of workers who are readily available, which will save you time.

The cover is subject to no excess and provides cover up to a set limit – please see your schedule – it is £500 if you have an Elite Policy with us but this does vary insurer to insurer. This amount is to cover the call out charge along with any labour or parts required to rectify the issue. 

An example of when Home Emergency can be used is: You wake to find a leak emanating from under your kitchen sink. You have no idea of any local plumbers who would be available to repair the leak. After a brief discussion with the claims department via calling the helpline, within 2 hours a plumber had arrived and repaired the leak, preventing any further damage being caused to the client’s property.  Had the leak not been fixed quickly then you may have had to claim on your policy incurring the excess cost and the hassle of major repairs such as new flooring.

Please note that the cover is for the emergency repair only and if there are any subsequent repairs needed such as water damaged flooring then you will need to contact the Lark Claims Department to discuss how your general cover can assist.

So please be aware of the cover provided as this could come in very handy should you ever face an emergency at home.

For more information regarding your Home Emergency Cover, please contact your account handler who will be happy to explain the cover in detail.

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