Graduation day for the Lark Leadership Development Programme

Graduation day for the Lark Leadership Development Programme

Lark's first Leadership Development Programme was established in October 2015 and aimed to reinvest in the future leaders of the business.  Delegates were chosen from across the Lark Group following a stringent application process and assessment centre.

During the 18 month programme, 14 separate topics were covered by the delegates including Leadership, Recruitment and Budgetary Planning. The programme was supported by Sally Buckle Head of Learning and Development at Lark, and the course was facilitated by Kevin Hopton, in association with Marlborough Training, who are accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management.  

The qualification required not only the attendance and completion of all 14 training seminars but included submitting a series of assignments, training logs and evidencing their learnings had been implemented into the delegate’s daily roles.

The delegates were given a technology themed project, so took up the task of researching and developing an online client portal within the Acturis broking system. The portal, named LarkPlus, will be adopted by the business and initially introduced to support our wide range of commercial clients.

The programme finished with a final presentation to the main board, senior management and key stakeholders from across the Lark business.  All of the delegates have now achieved the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management, an internationally recognised qualification from the Institute of Leadership & Management, which is the equivalent to the second year of an undergraduate degree.

Congratulations to the following delegates:

  • Maxine Maloney
  • Emma Hadley
  • Lewis Doyle
  • James Tingley
  • Paul Hipson
  • Natalie Lodge
  • Ollie Barton
  • Dave Richardson

“Congratulations to Lark’s Leadership Development Programme cohorts, who completed and attained the ILM Level 5 qualification.  This took commitment, dedication and hard work over a 2 year period which culminated in their final presentation last Thursday which was outstanding.  Well done team, I am immensely proud and pleased for you all!“, said Sally Buckle, Head of Learning and Development at Lark.