Film London presents London Calling and London Calling Plus Awards

Film London presents London Calling and London Calling Plus Awards

As partners of Film London, we were given the opportunity to attend Film London’s London Calling and London Calling Plus Awards. This year, there were 15 shorts in the London Calling category and 6 shorts in the London Calling Plus category.

From the Performance team was, Divisional Director Lee Scott, Head of Performance Michael Wood, Account Executive Gareth Graham and Performance Marketing Will Tisdall.

As expected the event, held at BFI Southbank, was amazing. There was a superb array of talent in both categories, the short films had gripping storylines and characters.

We had the pleasure of supporting The London Calling Jury award for the 8th year in succession. It was awarded to two shorts - Fighter; a tense, visceral short from director Bugsy Riverbank-Steel which gets up close and personal to a boxer with Down Syndrome as he fights for his right to enter the ring. Jury members described the film as an "unusual story that challenges one's presumptions and asks questions about freedom and control".

Fellow winner Wren Boys, from writer-director Harry Lighton, is a "truly engaging" drama following a Catholic priest as he escorts his nephew to prison.

Acclaimed Director, David Yates chose the winner of The London Calling Plus Award a recognition which champions black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) filmmaking talent.

Yates awarded it to Kara, a moving short from writer-director Deepa Keshvala which looks at the relationship between a young art student and her estranged alcoholic father. As award-winner, Keshvala has earned the amazing opportunity to join Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts director David Yates on the set of his latest production!

Yates describes the short as "a near perfect study of a relationship between father and daughter," adding that "Deepa delivers a story with insight and honesty and an eye for emotional detail that is both special and rare … a terrific film from a gifted filmmaker with a very bright future." 

In addition, Fighter's Director of Photography Jann Döeppert was awarded the Director of Photography award, sponsored by Panalux, and received £10,000 worth of Lighting Equipment for their next Film Project. How work and visual style on Fighter was described as "superb, cinematic".

Congratulations to all the winners at the Film London events, we wish everyone who entered all the best for the future which on what we saw, we are sure will be very bright!!