11th October 2019

Don’t let accidents ruin Happy Hour

By Rupert Clerey
Associate Director
People enjoying time at the pub

As a publican you provide a fantastic community service and do everything possible to look after your customers. But are you looking after yourself?

It’s likely that when customers visit your pub, they’re ready to have a good time. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where things go wrong and accidents happen.

We have created a fictional scenario whereby having a Directors & Officers policy would protect you if you ever found yourself in a situation like this.

A local pub had a busy night ahead because they were screening an important football final.  While looking for the bathroom, one of the patrons inadvertently opened an unmarked and unlocked door which led to the cellar, falling down the stairs to their death.

This door should never have been unlocked and it was the pub director’s responsibility to ensure it was locked at all times for the safety of members of the public and staff.

A case was brought against the pub with some hefty fines levied and a potential prison sentence too. Without a Directors & Officers policy, this would be a huge financial blow, especially for a small business, like the pub. You would have to finance your own legal defence costs, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) costs and the fine itself.

As directors of a limited company, you have responsibilities across a wide spectrum, and the above demonstrates just one example of how easily you can come unstuck.

 As specialists in the industry, Aston Lark are well aware of your needs and how to protect you. A Directors and Officer insurance policy would have provided both the legal and financial assistance needed in this instance.

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