1st June 2020

Do you have the correct cover for unaccompanied test drives?

By Aston Lark
Test drive

Motor Trade Dealers around the country were pleased to hear car showrooms are reopening from Monday 1st June, albeit still with strict social distancing and other safety guidelines in place. This came after the good news that car dealers are also now allowed to do unaccompanied test drives. Full information can be found here.

It’s important to point out that trade plate owners will need to have the adequate insurance in place to conduct unaccompanied test drives. In most cases, this cover would need to be added as an extension to your policy and is usually calculated as a percentage of turnover.

Whilst we are aware that some other brokers have struggled to add this policy extension (called ‘Unaccompanied Demonstration’), all of our motor trade panel of insurers can offer this cover and, to date, we have been able to fulfil every request for the additional cover. Even better, you can remove it when it is no longer required.

If you are an Aston Lark client and you would like to update your current policy to include this extension, or if your current broker is unable to add this extension, please contact us on 01732 872 899 to see how we can help you.

Did you know?

Aston Lark fights for the motor trade industry

Aston Lark understood that the Government’s guidelines on social distancing had a detrimental effect on motor trade dealers returning to ‘business as usual’, especially in relation to unaccompanied test drives. Together with the Independent Motor Dealers Association, we lobbied the DVLA to change the current legislation which prohibits unaccompanied test drives.

The request was accepted and the DVLA announced that motor dealers who hold official trade plates will now be allowed to carry out unaccompanied test drives using their trade plates. A great win for the industry!