30th July 2020

Cycle to Work Day - 6th August

By Dominic Perry, Cert CII
Account Handler
Cycle to work

Summer is finally upon us, the weather has picked up and lockdown restrictions have begun to ease. What a great time to get outside, and with Cycle to Work Day on 6th August you too can make the most of this.

With lockdown easing and businesses opening back up, cycling can also provide an alternative form of transport for employees, especially those who might feel uncomfortable getting back onto trains and buses.

If you already have a Cycle to Work Scheme, why not use 6th August as a relaunch or reminder for employees that the scheme is there?

If you don’t, you could even use the date as a commitment to employees that you are bringing in the benefit and more details will follow.

With the Government relaxing the £1,000 cap, employees can now have access to a much wider range of bikes than before. With folding and electric bikes also on offer, there is something for each type of cyclist out there, from the novice to the professional.

Many big cities also have extensive cycle paths. You could use these and highlight to employees the nearest cycle paths to your office.

Cycle to Work providers can also help you with financing options, should cashflow be an issue, and many will help you with marketing, roadshows and information, to help your employees really make the most of the benefit.

It can be a great way to help promote a healthier travel option to employees and form not only part of your wellbeing strategy but also your Corporate Social Responsibility as well, by showing your support for environmentally friendly travel. So why not support your employees and promote Cycle to Work Day this August.

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