Cyber SWAT Team available to Lark clients to help tackle fallout from WannaCry attack

Cyber SWAT Team available to Lark clients to help tackle fallout from WannaCry attack

In light of the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack, many individuals and organisations are rightly concerned about the threat posed by this ransomware. 

Schillings Cyber SWAT Team

To this end, Lark has forged a strategic partnership with Schillings, a reputation and privacy consultancy that combines data protection lawyers, intelligence analysts, cyber security experts, ex-military strategists and risk consultants.

As part of this partnership, all Lark clients have access to Schillings’ Data Breach SWAT Team.

Top level advice

Our top level advice to management at this stage is as follows:

  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions - Don't just go out and buy some expensive software or hardware solution - this can backfire and undermine your whole cyber security agenda. Instead, time and investment are better geared towards focusing on the basic principles of cyber security, like patch management, backups and disaster recovery.

  • Keep your systems up to date - A strong Patch Management process would have prevented this attack in most scenarios and will also help to protect you from other threats. Backups and disaster recovery plans are also key to recovering from an attack and to help keep your downtime as low as possible.

This attack is nothing new

You should also bear in mind that ransomware is not new. It is a common method used by cyber-criminals to exploit cyber weaknesses.

In this instance, the ransomware is relatively basic in its design. What does mark it out, however, is the rate at which it’s been able to spread across the globe.

What to do next...

If you have been directly impacted by this cyber-attack and do not currently have cyber insurance in place, please feel free to get in contact so we can discuss what we can do for you.