Companies see high rates of theft

Companies see high rates of theft

Research has shown that recent thefts from businesses are high, with around £184m worth of goods being stolen during the 2013–2016 period in the UK alone.

The data was collated following a request under the Freedom of Information Act from 20 different constabularies across the country. More than 840,000 incidents of theft were reported by businesses between 2013 and 2016, with a value of more than £184m. The incidents included thefts from shops, attempted thefts or thefts carried out by employees.

The highest number of thefts from companies were recorded in Greater Manchester, accounting for more than 140,000 cases during that time. West Yorkshire accounted for more than 110,000 thefts while Derbyshire was in third place with more than 96,000. When it comes to increases, Northamptonshire reported the highest rise, with an upsurge of theft incidents of 70% during that time. Bedfordshire was the second highest increase with 35%, while Lancashire had an increase of 20%.

When it comes to the highest value, it was Greater Manchester taking top place, accounting for a massive £71m in value. Kent was the second highest region in value at more than £40m and West Yorkshire followed with more than £34m.

The FOIA request was made by storage company Space Station and the company has described the left of thefts from businesses as “shocking.” They are urging companies to pay more attention to the possibility of such crimes and to ensure that they have the right storage solutions and security solutions to help to reduce the possibility of theft.

It is also important to be sure that any losses you incur can be easily recouped; having the right insurances in place will give you the option of making a claim if and when your business is targeted by thieves.