CELEBRATION! Lark supports schools music-making project

CELEBRATION! Lark supports schools music-making project

Snape Maltings Concert Hall, near Aldeburgh, will ring with the sound of children’s music-making this week (March 7-11) and the Lark Music team will be on site to support the annual schools’ festival Celebration!

Lark is delighted to sponsor Celebration! – a partnership between Snape Maltings and Suffolk County Council – which over the last 30 years has seen more than 40,000 school children creating music in the concert hall.

This week, 1,400 pupils from 35 schools representing primary, secondary and special schools will take to the stage and each evening a party-themed finale will give the children an opportunity to perform together.

The Lark Music team will be watching the performances, as well as meeting the organisers, teachers and audiences to mark this exciting 30th anniversary of Celebration!

Snape Maltings Concert Hall is the home of the Aldeburgh Music Festival and has become one of the world’s leading centres of music; a place of inspiration and international performance created by composer Benjamin Britten and his partner Peter Pears.

Britten and Pears lived in The Red House, Aldeburgh, from 1957 and when the nearby Snape Maltings ceased to malt barley in the mid-1960s, Britten leased the largest building on the site and converted it into the 830-seat concert hall, which was opened by HM Queen Elizabeth in 1967.

The present concert hall replaced the original building after a fire in 1970 and Snape Maltings now symbolises Britten and Pears’ vision to offer musicians of all levels an opportunity to broaden their horizons in an exhilarating creative and natural environment.

The Lark Music team are proud to be part of this musical journey and look forward to a fun-filled, inspiring week. Come along and say hello!

To learn more about the relationship we have with Snape Maltings, and other organisations within the musical industry, please feel free to get in touch with David Foster at david.foster@larkinsurance.co.uk or 020 8557 2388.

Snape Maltings’ Celebration

Children take to the stage during the Celebration! 2016 music festival at Snape Maltings, near Aldeburgh, in Suffolk

Picture credit: Anna McCarthy