11th June 2020

Bupa COVID-19 Antibody Tests

By Aston Lark
Medical testing

Bupa has launched tests that may determine if someone has had COVID-19 in the past. The test can be taken 14 days after the symptom(s) have subsided for the antibodies to be detected. As we know, the picture is changing almost daily and new tests will undoubtedly be brought to the fore over the coming weeks and months.

Whilst the Antibody Testing is highlighted by Bupa at this time, it is important to remember that many other options are available to our clients.   These include online employee questionnaires to help employers identify what, if any, additional support may be required for an employee when returning to their place of work (this could be emotional or physical).  Other options include temperature checking prior to employees entering the workplace.

Most importantly:

  • Aston Lark are unable to provide a formal recommendation or advice surrounding COVID-19 testing
  • The following information is intended to enable our clients to make an informed decision as to whether this level of testing is appropriate for them
  • These tests should not be relied upon as part of a return to work strategy or otherwise
  • A positive result does not guarantee proof of immunity to getting a COVID-19 related infection, or any other infection

What value can I expect from knowing if I have had the virus in the past?

  • Tests have been evaluated by Public Health England for their accuracy, although 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed
  • Results are intended to capture information from a ‘moment in time’; this is an ‘antibody’ not ‘immunity’ test
  • As we know, this is a virus that is so new in its evolution, knowledge of its longevity and immunity remains unknown

Where are the tests conducted?

  • For individual testing, the blood test is provided in Bupa’s clinics and open to anyone whether an existing policyholder of Bupa or not
  • For a group of employees, a Bupa Healthcare professional will conduct the blood tests in the workplace (22 samples can be collected per day)

When do I get the result?

  • You will receive an email from Bupa to inform you when your results are available to view on Bupa’s online portal (usually within 3 days)
  • A Bupa healthcare professional can discuss the result with you but will not provide any advice or diagnosis as part of the service
  • The results are available to the employer

How much do they cost?

  • Blood Test at a Bupa Clinic - £65 per person
  • On-site Day Delivery - £1,380 (22 samples)

Prices are exempt from VAT

In summary

For any client interested in COVID-19 testing, we urge them to, again, bear in mind they will not be provided with guarantees, but information to help them make that informed decision.

How to proceed

If you are interested in testing, please liaise with your usual Employee Benefits account manager, or you can contact the Aston Lark Employee Benefits team on 020 7543 2833 or email [email protected].