5th June 2020

Aston Lark helps support company new to remote working

By Paul Midson
Business Development Consultant
Conference Call
The context

An existing client came to us for support and advice on ensuring the continued wellbeing and productivity of their staff, as they moved from an office-based workforce to remote working. As a highly collaborative and physically connected workforce spanning multiple territories, the client was concerned that employees would need support with their mental health and transition to a different way of connecting with colleagues.

Our solution

To match the client’s needs, we established that an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) would be the best method to offer the necessary on-demand support for the client’s staff. We determined that the best package would have a flexible and modular structure for ease of use and 24/7 confidential helplines to provide support regardless of the employee’s location.

We brokered a package with leading EAP provider, Health Assured, which not only offered these features, but also offered the option of international coverage in local dialects which the client agreed would be advantageous for supporting their overseas employees.

In addition to this, the EAP allowed the client to see usage reports, enabling them to monitor the areas that were regularly being accessed by employees to potentially adapt any internal policies and to ensure the package was well received by their team.

The outcome:

The client has been very happy with the solution and felt that it greatly improved their employee’s wellbeing during the period of remote working and beyond. We continue to work with the client through the set-up of usage reports from the provider to ensure that their package continues to be highly used and valued by their team.

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