27th August 2019

The rise in accidental damage claims during the school holidays

By Francesca Shinn, Cert CII
Account Handler
Kids playing in window
Don’t let the school holidays be costlier than they need to be


Accidental damage claims increase by one third during the summer school holidays, according to research done by Aviva*. As the summer holidays are now well and truly upon us, is it important that we take a little time to consider the extra risk of accidents occurring at home. 

Having more people at home naturally increases the chances of damage occurring.  Some examples of common claims are smashed TVs, dropping mobile phones down the toilet, spillages on carpets and furniture, leaving the tap running in the bath, spilling drinks on laptops and windows being smashed by footballs or other sports balls.  It is therefore important that you have accidental damage cover included under your home insurance policy to repair the damage, or to replace any items that are irreparable.  

Some insurers offer accidental damage cover as an optional extension to policies for an additional premium and others include it as standard if the policy is “all risks.”  If you are unsure whether accidental damage is covered under your policy, then please contact your dedicated Account Handler who will be able to discuss this with you in more detail.

Of course, you may not always want to claim under your home insurance policy if the damage is minimal as this could affect your premium at renewal, so here are some handy hints and tips to protect yourself while the children are at home:

  • Keep breakables and valuables out of reach of young children.
  • Use shatter-resistant film on existing windows to prevent breakages, or toughened glass on new windows to conform to the British Standard 6206.
  • Keep food and drink away from laptops and gadgets.
  • Always supervise during bath time.
  • Keep food, drink, paints and pens to the dining table rather than the sofas.

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