28 May 2021

Why you should use a broker for your car insurance


Since the adverts of insurance companies first hit our TV screens in the mid-1980s, it feels that nearly every ad break since then has been selling cheaper online insurance and promising competitive premiums. So, given this, why would you use an insurance broker?

True, an insurance broker is a middleman between a client and an insurance company and dealing directly with an insurer is fine – if your needs fit with how they want to engage. But if you have a high-value car, make a claim, or need to change a detail within your policy, then you may find that ‘the computer says no’ and be left frustrated with no one to help you.

Our objective, at Aston Lark, has always been to add value for our clients – we are much more than just a middleman. We have a team of specialists who are here to help you navigate the car insurance market, who will speak to you clearly and without the use of industry jargon to help you find the right policy at a competitive price. By talking to our clients and understanding their needs, we provide a service you can’t get from an online insurer. We will discuss with you what you really need and explain the advantages and pitfalls of the policies we have available – giving you peace of mind and confidence in what you’re buying.

Not only that, but if the worst did happen, we have a specialist claims team to guide you through the process so you’re not facing the insurer alone.

A broker still has a place in the car insurance market – if you want that little bit extra, then call Aston Lark on 0330 008 3478

What our clients say

“Using a broker gives us access to the best advice. Aston Lark are experts in insurance, which means that I don’t need to be. They assess our insurance needs and make recommendations which allow us to have quality products and the resulting peace of mind. They take to the time to familiarise themselves with our needs and lifestyle, review the cover and price and save us money. Aston Lark ensures we have the best insurance without compromise.”
Neil H, Bath – Aston Lark, Private Motor client

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